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  5. "Fai la guardia."


"Fai la guardia."

January 16, 2013



I thought this meant you are the guard...I understood fare is used to mean IS/ARE when speaking of professions.


It doesn't mean the same thing, but you can say 'you be the guard'. If you were playing a game, you could say, "You be the guard and I'll be the prisoner"' for example. I admit that it is a very specific instance, but it is certainly idiomatic English. Having said that, I'm not at all sure that that is what the Italian sentence is saying.:)


Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperative_mood#Formation The imperative form is understood as being in the second person (the subject pronoun you is usually omitted, although it can be included for emphasis),


That wouldn't work in Italian though, because they have a different tense for commands.


Apparently (learnt from an Italian native in a previous lesson) that "fare+il+job" is the same as "work as <job>" or "to be a <occupation>" in English... Seems like a common usage/idiomatic sentence formation than a simple grammatical sentence formation.


Can this be translated as "you work as THE guard" too?


'you be the guard' is NOT the correct ranslation


Why not? "Fai" can be an imperative as well.


what is an imperative?


I agree too but according to the hints could this sentence not also be translated as 'He is a policeman'


Is you make the guard and acceptable translation?


Why is not good solution if I use the word "policeman" instead guard


No idea. Oxford English Italian dictionary says that policeman is the second meaning for guardia.

I did the same thing first time around, but I think that the general rule we should follow is to take the first hint they give us, unless we know it can't possibly be right. It makes it easier to decide. If I remember, guard was the top definition.


because the computer wants every thing perfect


The hints did not accurately portray this as a possible translation... But I suppose this site is built to teach us the idioms via our mistakes? I'm not sure.

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