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Good Turkish movies with English and Turkish subs

I like to watch Turkish movies with with Turkish subs on top and English subs on the bottom. It's great for learning, because you hear the person speaking, see what they're saying and see the translation.

To have a double subtitle, you can make a .ssa file (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SubStation_Alpha). I use http://easypronunciation.com/en/merge-two-subtitle-files-online . Sometimes the Turkish subs aren't encoded in UTF-8 and have weird characters instead of ı, ş and ğ, but you can search and replace and save the file as UTF-8 before merging.

I recommend Kaybedenler Kulübü and Benim Dünyam. I still have the .ssa for Benim Dünyam, if anyone's interested.

Use this thread to recommend movies or series that have both English and Turkish subs available online.

February 12, 2016



You can use double subtitles with Lingo Player ( https://github.com/oaprograms/lingo-player ) with just .srt files too, the video player runs them at the same time. It's an excellent program.


Very nice, I'll check it out. Thanks!


Very good way to learn a language. But I suppose it will be difficult to find Turkish subtitle to a Turkish spoken movie. You may also try to find/watch Turkish dubbed (foreigner) movies, that might be easier to find Turkish subs.


Great. Are you able to upload the subtitles you have done e.g. to turkcealtyazi.org


I tried registering, but the Google Captcha gives me the same error message.


The captcha just gave me a tickbox marked "Ben robot değilim." which I ticked and it worked. Perhaps you are a robot and you don't know it!


I'm pretty sure I'm not a robot, although not a 100% sure.

I managed to upload it (finally).


I hope I uploaded to correct subtitle and didn't mess things up. :)

EDIT: I don't see the subtitle anymore. Maybe it has to be verified by the admins first.

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