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Power Practice brining up the same sentences

Shwmae! Been using Schools and the power practice but it doesn't seem to be changing the sentences at all.

Is there something wrong with it? Is there anything I can do my side?


February 12, 2016



Hi there! Power practice sessions are generated to match your students' average progress, so it will stay (more or less) the same until your students use Duolingo to make more progress in the language they are learning. If your students are advancing through the skill tree and power practice still shows the same sentences, there might be an issue on our side. Are you seeing this issue in all of your classrooms or a specific one?


Hey! I'm only really using the power practice with one class; it did throw up one different sentence once, but it's not come up again. I've many students who've done assignments up to and past the sentences which are being pulled from the very starting units.

I'm using it with classes for Welsh; could it be because the course is still in beta?

Thanks for getting back and hopefully this will get sorted :)


Hi, erdnuss. The power practices are still only bringing up words from days. Any reason why this is still happening? My latest test was with 7C at 2pm.


Hi there,

This is, unfortunately, one of the downsides of our implementation. Power practice sessions are generated to match your students' average progress - specifically, if we determine that on average, your students have made it to, say, the 10th row in the skill tree, we pick a student who is currently at the 10th row as the "class representative". The power practice session is generated for the "class representative". This means power practice is not only affected by your classroom's average progress, but also, to some extent, by the individual strengths and weaknesses of the "class representative".

I checked out your classroom, and it looks like your "class representative" had not practiced in quite a while, so their skills had decayed. Power practice pulled words from "Days" because that happened to be the weakest skill for that student.

In the future, we will most likely offer the functionality to pick which skill you would like to practice in Power Practice. Until that happens, we usually recommend that teachers use the curriculum page (see screenshot), find the skill they would like to practice and click "Start sample lesson". This gives you a bit more control over what is practiced (though it is worth noting that the sample lesson is always the same). I hope this helps!

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