"Nie zgubiliśmy niczego."

Translation:We have not lost anything.

February 12, 2016

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Just to check on the pronunciation of "zgubiliśmy".

Stress appears to be on the THIRD last syllable ("bi"), correct?

This would be a departure from the normal rules of pronunciation (SECOND-last syllable). Is this the case for all these past tense forms with two syllable endings (-liśmy, -liście, -łyśmy, -łyście) ?


Yes, the first and second person plural forms in the past tense have stress on the third syllable. The accent doesn't change from "zguBIli" when you add "-śmy" or even "-byśmy" (We would lose) when it is on the fourth syllable.


Dzięki na odpowiedż


Mam pytanie. Dlaczego jest zle "We did not lost anything"? Za blad zaznaczyl "lost"; jako naprawe ofieruje "lose", ale w ofercie tej opcji ni ma...


"we did not lost" to jak próba użycia dwóch czasów przeszłych jednocześnie. Może być "We did not lose" (Past Simple), "We have not lost" (Present Perfect) albo "We had not lost" (Past Perfect).


Dziekuje. No u slowa "have" to pisze, ze powinno byc "hav/has got". Musi to byc, albo moze byc bez tego?


To nie jest "have" = "mieć". To część konstrukcji czasu Present Perfect. Nie ma innego znaczenia.

Jeśli chodzi o "got" w wyrażeniu "have got" (mieć), to nie jest potrzebne.


Dziekuje za wytlumacenie


Why not "Nic nie zgubiliśmy? When must I Say" nic" and when "niczego"?


They are both correct Genitive variants, even if "nic" does not look very Genitive. Sometimes one will sound better than the other to the native ear, but I am not aware of any rules. Maybe "niczego" is better at the end of the sentence.

"Nic nie zgubiliśmy" is perfectly fine (especially if you were 'accused' of losing sth) and should have worked.

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