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"L'insegnante lo spiega chiaramente."

Translation:The teacher explains it clearly.

February 12, 2016



"The teacher explains it clearly" is the answer they want, but surely "The teacher clearly explains it" is exactly the same in principle?


Do you mean "clearly" as "obviously"? If yes: the first perceived meaning of "l'insegnante lo spiega chiaramente" is "the teacher explains it comprehensibly". To say "the teacher clearly explains it" itìs better to use: l'insegnante lo spiega, chiaramente or l'insegnante chiaramente lo spiega or l'insegnante, chiaramente, lo spiega. This goes for written text, because you can distinguish the two thanks to the different intonation. If that's not what you meant, well, I'm sorry, I still have to get used to some nuances in English :D


Thanks for the advice, it really helps! I meant "clearly" as in "understandably" or "in a way that is clear to understand" in both cases, not "obviously". So "The teacher explains it clearly" means "The teacher explains it in a way that is clear to understand" and "The teacher clearly explains it" means the same thing in common English. Perhaps in high-brow English it is not as grammatically nuanced, but as a native English speaker, it is used like that. Many thanks again though, it is interesting to know the point you make! :D

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