how do i enable the microphone

June 5, 2012


My microphone is working everywhere but in duolingo which keeps me from completing lessons where I need to speak the language. I have tried duolingo in both IE and Firefox and neither seems to work ("I cannot hear you" messages, etc. from duolingo). Is there a way for duolingo to test microphone usage like Skype does?

The microphone does not work with Google Chrome. I used Mozilla Firefox, and it works ok.

The opposite was true for me, on a MacBook Pro.

I have used Safari on 2 different Macs. I have used Google Chrome and Explorer on 2 different Windows computers. My microphone used to work with all 4. It is still setup correctly but none respond now.

My microphone works in all applications except DuoLingo. When I click on the microphone button in DuoLingo, nothing happens.

Enable it in your settings. I found that quitting and restarting my browser (Chrome) got the mic working again, for what it's worth.

Microphone sometimes picks up maybe half the words I say, and sometimes to pick up nothing at all. Mic is configured properly (Blue Yeti used for online radio using Voicemeeter Banana) and works with everything else smoothly.

Could Duolingo please add functionality in the settings to configure the mic to work with its courses?

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