"Friday, Saturday"

Translation:Dydd Gwener, Dydd Sadwrn

February 12, 2016

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Hello! Here I was asked to translate "Friday, Saturday" into Welsh and I had read that you could call the days just by their names, but my answer ("Gwener, Sadwrn") was marked as incorrect. Is there a rule for contexts in which it's not necessary to say "Dydd" before the name of the day? Thanks! :)


The reason you need dydd before them is because the days of the week also apply to the eight planets (excluding earth which is "Y ddaear"). I personally would never say them without "Dydd" before them.


Thanks a lot! I was a bit confused because I read somewhere you could do without the word "Dydd." The days of the week in Spanish also come from names of planets :) Thanks again!

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