"Ta sukienka jest szeroka."

Translation:This dress is wide.

February 12, 2016

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Does this mean that the skirt of the dress is wide, or that the dress is loose-fitting?


Can be both depending on the circumstances. But for loose fitting there is also luźna


this course seems to have an issue with 'ten/ta' etc. because as far as i understand polish does not have such a clear distinction between this and that...so 'this/that' should both be acceptable here

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    I hate the reference to 'wide' clothes as this is not something we would say in English. The translation needs to recognise the usage of both languages. Sometimes it seems too focused on a literal conversion. Or is that just the easiest way to learn?


    Well, the Duolingo method generally favors literal translation, provided they aren't wrong, of course. I dislike most sentences about 'narrow', but 'szeroka sukienka' sounds fine to me. What would you use instead of "wide"?


    If it's the skirt of the dress that's 'wide', I'd say "this dress has a full skirt".

    There isn't really a good English adjective for the whole dress in this context.


    One could also say in English ' the dress is big.' I do understand that we r learning the correct use of the Polish word tho' in a Polish sentence. English uses wide when referring inanimate objects- (avoids embarrasement). Yet u could say- he has a wide girth instead of ' he is fat'. :):)


    It sounded like "Ta sukienka jest przyroka" and I couldn't figure out what that last work meant…


    Audio is OK in this sentence.


    i am thinking that the letter "i" in "sukienka" sounds like it is neither sounded nor palatalize the following "e". am i hearing correctly?


    i before a vovel softens previous consonant, if it's c, s,z, dz, n it makes the soft sound, if it's other consonant, it makes the consonant a bit softer if possible and i sounds like something between polish i and j.


    ah, thank you!

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