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This app is unbelievable

Thanks to all the hardworking staff of duolingo i have become good with my portuguese! Obrigado! Eu amo este aplicativo!

4 years ago


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I love seeing other people benefit and love this website. Only one of the five people that I suggested Duolingo to actually uses it, and not that often anyway. Merry Christmas, enjoy the holidays and keep Duolingoing :)

4 years ago


Agreed with above post! More people should use it =( Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

4 years ago


Congratulations! You can supplement Duolingo with other tools (and, best of all, talking with natives) to make your Portuguese even better!

4 years ago

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. if you can take the language in school as well to help reinforce both teachings. the language learning would be most beneficial with the popular languages in school (spanish, italian, french, german), but most schools do not offer portugues as a foreign language. but the portugues on duolingo is quite good as a learning tool and i found it to have easier grammar than spanish

4 years ago

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Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel! Many thanks for this wonderful site!

4 years ago

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Good post, thanks for taking the time to do it and thanks to the duolingo staff. I do recommend it to everyone I know as soon as they even talk about learning another language. Of course it's still kinda hard for some because in order to learn a new language they'd have to know english first (unless they want to learn english of course). Anyway, I'm sure that in the future these barriers will be pushed and forgotten. Thanks for all the hard work and thanks also to all those who comment in order to help others!

4 years ago