"Il semble avoir terminé son travail."

Translation:He seems to have finished his work.

January 16, 2013



'he seems to have finished his job. ' was marked wrong, yet in the valid answers appears: 'He seems to have finished his work.'

isn't this essentially the same?

January 16, 2013


"Work" and "job" don't necessarily have the same meaning, and often aren't used the same way. If you said "He seems to have finished his job", I wouldn't really understand what you meant. But if you said "He seems to have finished the job", then I would understand - he's finished whatever task he had to do.

November 14, 2015


It is accepted now!

November 24, 2015


Could this also mean «He seems to have quit his job»?

September 23, 2014

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That would probably use "démissioner" (to resign) or "quitter" which could mean "quit" as in (leave at the end of the day) or in the sense of quitting/resigning.

April 8, 2015


and what about It seems he has finished his work in my mind this means the same

March 26, 2015


It means the same and it is correct

April 1, 2015


Why in this case I must write "he seems to have..." and in the other I have to write "I think I have...", anyone can explain me? Please!

March 23, 2015


It's Duolingo being weird. You should always be able to write 'seem/seems' for 'semble'. Sometimes Duolingo will accept 'think/thinks' and sometimes they won't, so stay on the safe side and stick with 'seem/seems.

March 28, 2015

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Sembler has to do with: seem, look, appear (to be). So I don't know where "think" entered the picture. Do you remember the sentence in French in which "sembler" was translated as "think"? http://www.wordreference.com/fren/sembler EN "think" does not back-translate to "sembler".

August 8, 2015


Why isn't it "a terminé" instead of "avoir" ?

October 11, 2015


Because "semble" is the main verb, and therefore the only one that needs to be conjugated.

August 30, 2017


avoir termine? past, past perfect? what is it? thanks

November 20, 2016


Last times I used "to have" Duo marked wrong this time I wrote the subject again as Duo likes now the response is "to have" !!!!

April 6, 2015


I put "He seems to be finished with his work." wrong?

May 17, 2015


No, but this site still needs to be made more flexible in verifying answers.

June 30, 2015

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It is accepted now.

August 8, 2015


Does anybody know why "It seems to have ended his work" is not accepted?

July 1, 2015


Because the Duolingo team isn't perfect.

July 16, 2015


So do you mean to say Christophe's translation should be accepted?

October 2, 2015


Duolingo accepts "He looks like he has finished his work", but I doubt its accuracy. (what does somebody look like who has finished his work anyway?

The correct answer ought to be "It looks like he has finished his work."

July 15, 2015


Those mean the same thing in practice.

July 16, 2015


So "It looks like he has finished his work." should be accepted.

July 16, 2015


And it is…

October 4, 2015


Why not "HE seems to finish his work"? It only accepts "IT seems..."

December 9, 2016


I translated it as "it seems to have ended his work" in the sense of an event causing someone to stop working on something. Is this not correct?

May 8, 2015


I think because you weren't consistent using it and then his it was marked wrong but I put "it seems to have finished its work" and it was marked wrong any suggestions why you can use the gender neutral for this translation?

May 31, 2015


Perhaps then my translation should be for "Cela semble avoir termine' son travail". But would not "son" still relate to "Cela"? I really don't know how to solve this problem without some obvious context.

June 30, 2015


This is weird, because it just corrected me "He seems to have finished her work on 2/22/16.

February 22, 2016


why can't I say he seems to have terminated his work?

September 18, 2015


The correct answers are listed as • It looks like he has finished his work; and • He seems to have finished his work.

I put 'he looks like he has finished his work', and that wasn't accepted - can't understand why...

November 28, 2015


Hiw does one know when to use "terminer" vs "finir?"

December 20, 2015


"It seems to have finished his job" wasn't accepted. I was thinking of a machine or something that had finished "his" (whoever that is) job. Should it be reported, or is it a bit too unlikely?

September 26, 2016


It sounds so much like "terminer" to me...

October 14, 2016


In the last thread the sentence...."je crois avoir lu" I wrote: "I think to have read" and it was marked wrong. In the sentence above it is correct, what am I missing?

November 6, 2016


Which of the following translations would be more appropriate here?

  • he seems to have finished his work (i.e. he's done the tasks that were assigned to him today)

  • he seems to have ended his job (i.e. he's quit his job altogether)

Or, since there's no context, could it be either?

February 27, 2017


I had this as a listening exercise. Is there any difference in pronunciation between this sentence and “Ils semblent avoir terminé son travail”?

April 4, 2017


I believe there should be a liaison in plural: "Ils semblenT avoir terminé son travail".

April 4, 2017


It didnt like "it seems he is done his work"

April 11, 2017


why is it "avoir" instead of "a"

May 25, 2017


because it is after a conjugated verb - -

September 7, 2017


versus "Elle semble avoir termine son travail." YES, we can translate "il" by "he" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 5, 2017


Why "He seems having finished his job" is not correct? Can someone explain it, please? Merci :-)

June 24, 2017


I think it odd, that terminated for termine' should not be accepted that would be a literal translation. Oh well! Ca ne fait rien.

August 29, 2017


"He seems to have stopped his work" Didnt work Termine = terminale and it should still work right?

September 7, 2017


So how would you say, "He seems to have finished HER work"? This should be accepted, non?

November 9, 2017


the same way OR you add "à elle" at the end for clarification

the admins don't wanna accept it tho (even tho on reverse tree it's accepted) so you just have to remember to either use he+his or she+her

November 10, 2017


Can one also say "Il paraître avoir terminé son travail."?

December 8, 2017


Why isnt "He seems to be finished his work" correct? Seems to have the same meaning.

December 23, 2017


With the new format the correct answer covers up my answer so I can't see the mistake I made.

February 21, 2019
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