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  5. "Mae Lloegr wedi colli."

"Mae Lloegr wedi colli."

Translation:England have lost.

February 12, 2016



As an English speaker, I would have said "England HAS lost". The word HAS should be included as a choice.


US English uses exclusively the singular (has). British English primarily uses the plural for teams and other groups of people, even though the noun is singular.

As a sports fan, it sounds really unnatural to say e.g. "Manchester United is winning" or "Wales has lost".


Thanks for that explanation - as an American, the plural sounds really weird. Studying Welsh has taught me a lot about the many differences between British English and American English. Thanks for taking the time to explain.


You're welcome. I find it fascinating.

Sports teams are only one example of where we (UK) use the plural verb for singular nouns. We do the same for departments, ("Legal have sent us some documents to sign)", bodies ("Management are investigating"), companies/organisations ("The BBC have increased the licence fee"), governments ("The Government are doing well in the polls"), authorities ("The local council have refused permission"), academic groups ("Year 9 have performed well"), schools/universities ("Oxford have beaten Cambridge"), to name but a few!

Basically any entity involving more than one person doing the action described.

Any of the above being in the singular, while of course grammatically correct, would instantly stick out as odd to a British reader/listener.


Thanks so much for all of these examples, which to my Yankee ear, all sound strange. I also find this fascinating.


Both 'has lost' and 'have lost' are accepted here.


Whether it's 'have lost' or 'has lost', isn't a statement regarding England being defeated amusingly expected in a Welsh Language course?

(Hanner Sais, hanner Cymro dw i) (....ish!)


Have lost would be said immediately after the match. England lost when reported the next day.


It could also be said during the match, when the opposition have unassailable lead shortly before full-time.

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