"Wracam do domu."

Translation:I am coming back home.

February 12, 2016

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I would have translated it as "I am coming home". Do you think it's acceptable?


After some thought, with 'home', I guess yes. Added now.


Justyna Steczkowska <3


Bardzo piękna piosenka!


I am returning to home? Maybe???


"returning home" works, but "to home" really sounds strange to me...


In English 'coming back' is better expressed as 'returning'. 'coming back home' or 'returning home' does not express the same meaning as 'coming home'.

I think 'coming home' and 'returning home' are in the ordinary course of events. Perhaps one might use 'coming back home' to emphasise the extraordinary return. Although even in the case of the prodigal son it is still a 'return'.


Is there a difference in Polish between "going" and "coming" like there is in English? Relating to the point of view of the listener.

E.g. I'm leaving work and tell my colleagues "I'm going home", but I call my family to tell them "I'm coming home"


In theory the equivalent of "to come" is "przychodzić", but it doesn't work exactly the same way as in English. For example to us "Are you going with us?" and "Are you coming with us?" are exactly the same thing.

With "I'm coming home" I'd just go with "Wracam do domu", as it is here.


You tell your friends after work "I am going home" - Idę do domu

You call your family and say "I am coming home (soon). I am on my
way" - (Niedługo) Wracam do domu. Jestem w drodze

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