What does it mean when somebody is "following" you? I've got notifications that a couple of people are, and not being on social network sites or Twitter or like that, I don't know all of the lingo. Sounds creepy but maybe it isn't?

January 16, 2013


Just people who want to follow your activities (language progress, forum activity, etc.) and are notified of them them on their "stream". You might want to follow people yourself; people you find interesting to know what they are up to, like Luis, for instance, Duolingo's founder. He sometimes answers queries on the forum and reveals what cool new stuff they are or will be working on.
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It's pretty much like Tiago says. Getting your friends on Duolingo and following them is really awesome! Or just following people who are really active on the site can be fun too.

How can I add a friend?

Just go to their profile and click "Add friend". You don't need any approval to do this, however, people you follow may not follow you if they don't want it.

Where do I see the people who I am following?..

On your own page:

If you follow more than 10 people, there will be a circle like "+3" or "+11". If you click on it, you'll see the complete list of people you follow.

All the posts of people you follow and their progress get into your stream.

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