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  5. "¿Son pájaros?"

"¿Son pájaros?"

Translation:Are they birds?

January 16, 2013



They're birds? They are birds? Are they birds?

The men eat an orange.

The cat eats a book. The horses drink milk.

but the dog only gets to drink water... not vino..

Tune in next week for more Duolingo hijinx


I laughed at this comment more that I should have XD


Laugh while you can, but Hitchcock and I know the the truth about the birds. It's not pretty . . . Los pájaros comen hombres . . .


It's not by accident that pájaros also means "nasty piece of work."


Are they birds? Noooooo it's SUPERMAN!


¿Son pájaros? ¡NO! ¡ES ESTUPENDO HOMBRE! I'm sure there's a much snappier way to say Superman in Spanish, but that's the best I can do first thing in the morning.


I thought that this meant "you are a nasty piece of work" LOL


That escalated quickly...


It's hard to hear the inflection that indicates this is a question.


She raises her pitch at the end indicating a question.


Why isn't "Are these birds?" accepted? Why is it less acceptable than "Are those birds?" regards


my guess is that "these" and "those" has some spacial implications? Like, if the birds are in front of you, you'd say "these birds" but if they're a little far away it's "those birds." But I don't think this is the reason why it's unacceptable. I hope someone can help?


No, they're hired killers apparently


Did this again and still missed the question. I know it's hard with an automatic voice but maybe these ones can have a recorded voice or just drop auto-voice questions?


I had learned 'ave' for bird, and thought 'pajaro' was for parrot. Dictionary isn't making it much clearer.


But it says it can also mean "Nasty piece of work"!


why is 'are that birds?' wrong?


Because that's improper English. You almost never say "are that ..." in a question. You would use "is." Is refers to the group as a whole, in this case the birds. You're not speaking about the individual members of the group of birds. If you were, you'd use "are." For example "The birds are eating worms." It's all the more so because your pronoun "that" refers to a single item. If you wanted to use "are," then you'd need to use the pronoun "those."

Does that make sense?

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