"Moja mama ma fioletowy kapelusz."

Translation:My mom has a violet hat.

February 12, 2016

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Mama ma ... :-D


when i define kapelusz as a cap, duolingo usually says it's correct. However, in other sentences it is marked incorrect, saying hat is the correct answer. When does it mean cap and when does it mean hat. Thanks!

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I think the simplest way is to describe it with pictures: http://imgur.com/a/Klu2W

(kapelusz vs czapka, krzesło vs fotel)


I said purple hat instead of violet, are they not colloquial?



Anyway, it should have worked. "violet" is closer to "fioletowy", but "purple" is a more common word in English, we decided that the colors are close enough (yeah, guys were deciding) to be accepted ;)


Just curious, are there any more words for purple? Like lavender, dark purple, magenta, etc etc? (purple is my favorite color, i like the color probably a little too much but shhhh i'm gonna be okay)


lavender - lawendowy

dark purple - I guess 'ciemnofioletowy' or 'ciemnopurpurowy'...

magenta - it stays as 'magenta' (Polish 'g') and it's a noun then, not an adjective.


In many poken exercises I find it difficult to differentiate between y and e. Should y have an e sound?


No, it shouldn't. But many learners have problems with perceiving the difference between them. While to a native, the sounds don't even sound similar...

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Close-mid_central_unrounded_vowel - this is the Wikipedia article on Polish Y, maybe it can be helpful.


Mom is American English. Mam is used on the European side of the Atlantic.


Actually "mum" is used in most of the English-speaking European side, I believe... For "mam", Wiktionary says "Used in place of mum or ma in Scotland, Northumbrian dialects such as Geordie, as well as throughout Ireland and Liverpool, and the South Wales valleys; the Welsh word for mother is mam." Anyway, we can add it.

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