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  5. "Kvinnen elsker april."

"Kvinnen elsker april."

Translation:The woman loves April.

February 12, 2016



Åpenbart bor hun ikke her. I dag er det femtende april. På fredag var det tordenvær; i går regnet det og var det hagl, sludd og høye vinder; i dag snør det. På onsdag skal det snø igjen. Vi har ikke sett sola i ti dager, og skal ikke se den i sju mer.


Someone post a beautiful picture of Norway in April, something like a valley with rolling hills and a river.


These requests are becoming very specific...


I need a picture of a field with 50 flowers which are all at least 10 inches away. The sun must be to the east at 45° and the camera facing near it, but maybe pointed a little to the north. The grass has to be no more than 4 inches tall with a mountain in the background.


April always reminds me of the head mechanic in Knight Rider, you know, the one that spotted Bonnie for season 2. Never missed an episode.

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