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Ability to slow overall word mastery.

I use practice sessions heavily to pound words into my head. I find that words decide to go into my "Long-term memory" list a little bit more quickly than I'd prefer. A simple setting to indicate your memorization speed/capabilities would be nice!

Also, it's been requested before, but you really should be able to modify individual words to set them back to new or short-term memory. Sometimes, a specific sentence will pop up frequently and I'll "master" a word even though it's more of a short-term memory word.

Thanks for the awesome product!

January 16, 2013



I am also using the strategy of frequent practice sessions and what really annoys me is that words that I'm extremely comfortable with pop up almost constantly whereas words that I'm not yet familiar are far more infrequent. Many times even if I am familiar with the meaning of a word I'm not positive of the gender which means I use the wrong pronouns which the program mistakes for me not being comfortable with when to use pronouns not the actual word that I'm struggling with.


What if we had a "shopping basket" with four or five slots in it. When you are translating, you find tons of familiar words (therefore they are common use, because of the frequency they appear) but it takes long learning them because you are learning "old style". If we are able to select some of those words and pop them in the "shopping basket" we could take them "home" and they could be included in the practice loop. Once they are in the long memory, slots can be freed and more words added there.

My idea for having a limited space is because otherwise people (I would anyway) would pop in tons of words and you would end up with a practice list too long to be practical.

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