"His birthday is in December."

Translation:Jego urodziny są w grudniu.

February 13, 2016

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I was looking for jest, but i didnt see it. I thought sa was plural. Is this a bug?


"Urodziny" is always plural.


How? Does anyone have an interpretation for this?


I think I may have one

When you say "my birthday is in may" you are basically saying that all of your birthdays are in may

Think of it this way


that may be the way to remember it.

But that is not how it works in Polish. Like narodziny (bith) are rather once in a liftme thing, and zaręczyny (engagement) are rather singular thing


Confused about when to say "on ma urodziny" or "jego urodziny są"...


The meaning is virtually the same, it's just a matter of the choice of the grammatical structure.


W grudniu są jego urodziny not accepted - is this an unnatural word order? In English, "in December" would go at the end, but most Polish sentences on Duolingo with this kind of time expression seem to have it at the beginning by default, and I gathered that was the place to put it unless we want to emphasise the time for some reason.


In Polish, the old information (aka topic) usually comes first and the new information (aka comment) usually comes last.

Jego urodzinyw grudniu.

We are talking about him or his birthday and then someone mentiones when his birthday is.

W grudniujego urodziny.

We are talking about what's coming up in December and then someone brings up someone's birthday.

I think the second version is fairly probable, therefore added.


Why do you use the verb ' sa ' instead of jest. Why do you use the plural verb for 'is'? Confusing

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