"Mae Siân yn meddwl bod ni'n iawn."

Translation:Siân thinks that we are fine.

February 13, 2016

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How do I type the accent over the a? I'm told I have a typo, but there's no option for typing the long a.


Having been told once that I had a typo for missing the accent off the A in Siân, I copied and pasted one from elsewhere, but you shouldn't have to do that. Either we should have the accented letters available even when we're typing English or it should accept Sian without the accent.


If you're using the web version, there should be a little button underneath the text entry field with an "â" in it that you can press to make the letter.

If you're on a mobile device (phone/tablet), try long-pressing the A key to get a pop-up containing accented versions of the A.

If you're supposed to be translating into English, then I think it should accept both Siân and Sian - I think they should only expect accents when writing in Welsh.


Yes I know/agree, but why say there's a typo if both are accepted, and if there are no accented letters listed for English sentences:/


If you are typing the English sentence and it tells you that you have a typo because you spelled Siân as Sian, I think you should report that - it shouldn't expect you to type Welsh accents in English.


Suggested "Siân thinks that we're right" as an acceptable answer.


I don't think that's okay, as right in that sentence would mean correct, which iawn doesn't mean, although if you put alright, that should be okay.


Should "Siân thinks that we are well" be accepted? I'm going to suggest it.


â is Alt+0226 - i.e. hold down Alt & type 0226 on the Num pad.

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