"Yr Antartig"

Translation:The Antarctic

February 13, 2016

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Surely this translates as "the Antarctic" -not the Antarctica. Duloingo marks "the Antarctic" as wrong.

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It is accepted now. Although, I actually misspelt it!

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    So did I. It just pointed out the error while accepting my answer though.


    Does anyone know if both Yr Antartig AND Yr Antarctig are correct?. DL has marked me wrong for not having both as answers and then marked me wrong for putting Yr Antarctig ? Doesn't seem like it would be a South/North Wales diff. Is this just a mistake?


    Just by looking at the quotes from various sites listed in a Google search, one gets the impression that both spellings are used by Welsh writers, but that the spelling without the c is more common. I suggest that the problem is that Welsh speakers, both in Welsh and in English, do not usually pronounce the c. So, in order to keep the Welsh spelling as phonetic as possible, i.e. so that there are no silent letters in the spelling, it has become the custom to spell this word without the c. Maybe someone could confirm or refute my suggestion?


    "Yr Antarctig": You have a typo in your answer.

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