"To mój błąd."

Translation:It is my mistake.

February 13, 2016

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a "błąd" moment?


Is there any difference between "błąd" and "pomyłka"?

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In some context they mean pretty much the same. In other context, "pomyłka" is accidental, and rahter lightweight, while "błąd" is due to incompetence or bad will and rather something of greater importance than "pomyłka". Also "pomyłka" concerns rather the moment or phase of making the error, while "błąd" is more focused on its consequences. The set phrases are somewhat exception to that.

According to some of the Polish Language Dictionaries:

pomyłka; pomyłka; pomyłka; pomyłka

  • discrepancy between reality and its perception
  • action performed in a wrong way - not according to rules, needs, or just unproductive, in most cases due to a minor mistake of the person carrying it out
  • accidentally giving wrong answer, while actually knowing the correct one
  • while making a phone call, calling to other person than one wanted to
  • misunderstanding; slip-up; lapsus linguae; solecism; faux pas
  • in maths: error in calculating
  • set phrases:
    • "freudowska pomyłka" = "a Freudian slip"
    • "pomyłka sądowa" = miscarriage of justice, wrongful death due to miscarriage of justice
    • "fatalna pomyłka" = terrible mistake (see also below)
    • "straszna pomyłka" = terrible mistake, horrible mistake (see also below)
    • "wielka pomyłka" = big mistake, great mistake (see also below)

błąd; błąd; błąd; błąd

  • discrepancy with rules or principles (eg. in orthography, calculation, pronunciation, etc.) - it may be because of "pomyłka" or because of lack of knowledge, skills or competences
  • bad move
  • wrong choice
  • mistake; misjudgement
  • fault; weakness; bad habit; vice
  • an act of erring, sinning
  • in maths: the difference between the approximate and exact value; also wrong result due to error in calculating
  • set phrases:
    • "czeski błąd" ("a Czech mistake") = writing accidentally some characters in wrong order, thus changing its meaning, e.g. "π ≈ 4,13" (instead of 3,14) or "crap" (instead of "carp")
    • "błąd lekarski" = malpractice, medical error, physician error, wrongful death due to medical error
    • "błąd w sztuce" = malpractice (also other than medical); neglect due to ignorance, incompetence, carelessness or casualness of the acting person
    • "błąd pomiaru" = (in science or engineering) error of measurement; the difference between the real and measured value of some physical quantity
    • "błąd krytyczny" = (in computers) critical error
    • "błąd odczytu" = (in computers) read error, false read
    • "błąd programu" = (in computers) programming error
    • "błąd materialny" = (in logic) taking a false premise for true
    • "błąd rzeczowy" = (in writing or speaking) mistake in presenting facts, presenting something that does not exist or did not happen as a fact
    • "błąd antropologiczny" = (in religion) a false concept of humanity
    • "wielki błąd" = big mistake, great mistake, huge mistake, serious mistake
    • "okropny błąd" = horrible mistake
    • "fatalny błąd" = terrible mistake, fatal mistake, fatal error (an error leading to some serious consequences)
    • "śmiertelny błąd" = fatal mistake, fatal error (an error leading to one's death)
    • "niewybaczalny błąd" = unforgivable lapse, unforgivable mistake, wilful misconduct, something inexcusable
    • "błąd nie do naprawienia" = irreparable mistake, irretrievable mistake


Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation!


I guess this word is closely related to a very bad Russian word ;-)


It's a cognate of the archaic (only used in religious contexts) Russian word блуд (lechery). Modern derivations include заблуждение (misconception, delusion) and заблуждаться (to get lost).


It actually is.


a.k.a. "my bad"


"My mistake" should probably be accepted because it is a much more common way of admitting your error than "It is my mistake".


OK, I guess it won't harm to accept it. Added.

Similarly you can just say "Mój błąd".


Why not, This is my mistake,

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Should be accepted.

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