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Lack of English to Spanish questions

When I first started using Duolingo, a long long time ago, I was regularly given an English expression and asked for the Spanish equivalent.

Now, I very very very very rarely get asked this sort of question. I only get Spanish -> English and the various multiple choice questions.

Am I unusual? Or is everything seeing this behaviour?


January 16, 2013



I have noticed the same thing when it comes to German. For the most of the time it feels like I'm learning English rather than German.... not that I don't need to practice my English as well but it's German I'm here for! I really want to practice to write German more, not just be able to understand and translate it.


I don't know about you but over the past 3 or 4 days when doing German practice sessions I've been getting almost a 50/50 ratio of English-->German , German -->English questions which I'm thankful fo but it's also slowed me down a lot. I find it a far better way of learning because it forces you to think of cases which when translating into English don't require as much thought


What level are you on? Maybe it changes as you use Duolingo.. I'm level 15 and not seeing many (I had 3 today!!!).


I'm level 13 but I spend most of my time through the week doing practice sessions so it could be that because I've done so many of those that I'm getting a new formula to try. This could however be a test that the devs are running to see wether or not to implement it across the board


Apparently my prayers have been answered and I'm now getting a good proportion of English to Spanish questions! It's hard, but feels like a much better learning process.

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