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  5. "Love is a very nice feeling."

"Love is a very nice feeling."

Translation:Aşk çok güzel bir duygu.

February 13, 2016



İyi means good


it is from arabic origins sevgı is the most general kind of love for exemple foods animal or siblings or a song too but aşk is the love between (the wife <=> husband) (boyfriend <=> girlfriend)


What's the difference between aşk and sevgi?


"Aşk çok güzel bir his" is a correct answer too.


Any adjective besides "nice" would have been more suitable here.

"Love is a very wonderful/beautiful/amazing...feeling".

"Aşk çok güzel bir duygu" = "Love is a very beautiful feeling".


I am cofused about position of bir.it seems not to follow any rule.am i wrong to think so.


On the contrary, it seems to follow a definite rule -- just a different rule than the article in English. I'm a Turkish learner too, so if any native speakers want to correct me or expand on this, feel free, but it seems to me that in Turkish "bir" always goes directly before the noun -- which means if there are adjectives, it goes AFTER the adjectives. That's different from how the article works in English, and it takes some getting used to, but it is a consistent rule.

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