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  5. "Dw i wedi gwisgo siwt."

"Dw i wedi gwisgo siwt."

Translation:I have worn a suit.

February 13, 2016



This gave a correct answer for "I wore a suit" and also for "I have worn a suit" which don't mean the same thing in English. As I understand it, "I have worn" means I have worn a suit at least once, whereas "I wore" refers to a specific occasion when I wore a suit. Can someone please clarify?


Strictly, 'I have worn a suit' is the correct equivalent in English. "I wore a suit' is a bit of a lazy meaning with wedi, but it does come up in the wild.


Thanks. I suppose it would be obvious from context in practice anyway.


Can this be changed to wore/worn? To keep consistency within the verbs and uts connugations.

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