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Your native language

What is your native language? Does it helps you learning Turkish?

February 13, 2016



Actually, my native language is Albanian and during Turkish lessons I noticed that those two languages have a lot of things in common. So I thought that there may be other languages with same element. Thank you for your comments!


My native language is Montenegrin, but we used to be "under" Turks during history, so there are many Turkish words in my language. It is really helpful. On the other hand, the word order is the problem, and I still do not feel a sentence as natural.


The same about Albanian language, I mean the fact that we have lived with Turks for some periods of time has given to Albanian some Turk words, and the order it a problem too.


My native language is English, but I also know a lot of German. Knowing German helped in immensely in learning Turkish because the word order is sometimes similar!


I didn't know that. So getting better with Turkish helps us learning German. That's a good motivation. Thank you for sharing it!


I am impressed with the number of languages you are learning and the levels reached in each of them. Congratulations!


Thank you for good words! I think that I have so much to study and a lot of things to learn. Congratulations for you too!


My native language is Portuguese and I don't think that it helps me to learn Turkish.


My native language is English, it's not much like Turkish, so I don't think it's really helping.


my native language is Bulgarian, and not helping me :)


My native language is Hungarian, and now I realise, that there are many similarities with the Turkish. For example, a sentence: Cebimde çok küçük elma var - Zsebemben sok kicsi alma van (means: There are a lot of small apples in my pocket.) The pronunciation is almost, but the meaning is exactly the same. Or other similar words: arpa - árpa (barley), balta - balta (ax), kapi - kapu (gate), sakal - szakáll (beard), deve - teve (camel) ...

One third of the territories of Hungary was also occupied by the Ottoman Empire for 150 years, but there are also older connections between the two languages. So Hungarian helps me a lot in Turkish.


My native language is the Portuguese.


I am still a new learner of Turkish, but my native tongue is American English. Whereas French "feels" right and somehow makes sense to me, Turkish is a bit awkward. Hoping that improves over time.


German and Turkish


Both equally? (Mine is U.S. English (Connecticut)).


My native language is English. (Although sometimes I wish it were Italian). It doesn't help learn Turkish, but it helps me learn Romance languages.


my native language is Spanish, duolingo is very basic but it's ok for me :)


Thank you to all, for sharing your language informations with us!

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