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"Мне нужен полезный совет, а люди дают только бесполезные."

Translation:I need some good advice but people give me only unhelpful advice.

February 13, 2016



Полезный is singular but бесполезные is plural, even though they both refer to совет in singular. I presume the plural is because of дают. So there is an "implied" советы. Right?

I feel this is different than English, and I wish a good grammerian would tell me.


Actually, дают agrees with its plural subject люди. I believe the confusion comes from the fact that the English word "advice" is uncountable, and therefore has no plural form; replace it with, for example, apples, and you'll realize that the same thing happens in English: "I need a good apple but people only give tasteless apples."

In other words you're right, there is an implied советы.


Well, I'm no grammarian, but the literal translation of this sentence is: "I need a useful advice, but people give the useless ones only."

I know it's gramatically incorrect. I hope it will help to get the idea, though.


The implication is that 'совет' can mean 'piece of advice'. I wonder if that is correct.


У меня есть три совета для Вас.


Agreed. I find this grammatical instance impossible since people would not necessarily give advice in the plural


Can anyone kindly explain to me why my answer in incorrect? "I need a good advice, but people only give me useless ones"


Because "advice" is a mass noun and cannot take the singular indefinite article. "I need a good piece of advice..." would be fine


Thank you very much!


de nada Lots of words in English can only take the definite article or a phrase of quanitity eg "I want some sugar/the sugar" as opposed to "I want a sugar cube". Compare "How much sugar?" with "How many sugarcubes?" However, you can say "sugar" but only in the chemical sense ie "glucose is a sugar"
"Water" is similar, but again you can say " a water" in the sense of "Do you want a water?" meaning "Do you want a bottle of water (as opposed to fruit juice)". the whole thing is very idiomatic


Thanks once again. This is very helpful!


"I need some good advice but people give me only useless ones" was rejected too. I guess the problem is not the "a (good advice)" but the "ones". Is it really wrong to say "ones" or "advices"?

EDIT: Singular "one" was marked wrong too. It seems that Duolingo only accepts "(people give me only useless) advice". You can't say "useless one" instead of "useless advice".


A more natural English translation would be "I need good advice but people don't give me any"


That sounds like good English, but it doesn't say that they do give you some advice. Actually they advise you a lot. It's just that their advice is unhelpful.


Мне нужен полезное упражнение, а люди дают только бесполезные. ))

Sorry, I don't really mean that, I just couldn't resist. But this exercise does have a problem - the difference in structure between Russian and English demands either a literal translation - which isn't accepted - or a free one we can't really predict. ((

Can I advance my usual solution: accept a literal translation, but suggest a better free one? Literally the best I could think of was "I need good advice, and people give only useless", which I think is still acceptable grammar, though elliptical.

П.С. FWIW, Yandex matches my translation almost exactly, whereas Google makes a grammatical mistake: "...useless ones".


Совет is a сountable noun


I need some useful advice but people only give me a useless one _ not accepted. WHY?


The word "advice" is an unusual word. It is defined as an "uncountable noun.".


In this sentence, even though the word is grammatically singular, its meaning implies plural. But your phrase "a useless one" is strictly singular and does not match the implied plural "advice." So, there is a lack of parallelism that sounds wrong to an English speaker. This is why DL's translation had to fix the problem by using the word advice twice even though the Russian only used it once.

This is a inappropriate sentence for DL to use at this level of Russian study.


Does а have to be translated as "but" here, could it also be "and"?


No. "A" means but only, and it shows the contrast between the two parts of the sentence. "A" can be replaced with "Но" here. (I am a native Russian speaker)


Fyi: совет is where the word "Soviet" is derived from


Meaning "advisory council"?


There is no "some" in the Russian sentence. "I need good advice ..." is perfectly justified and acceptable. ❤❤❤?


There's no reference to "me" in the second clause but Duolingo requires it (of me).


совет ответ навет извет...привет what does the root вет mean? help!


Далее от праслав. věti̯o, от кот. в числе прочего произошли: др.-русск. вѣтъ «совет, договор», ст.-слав. вѣтъ (др.-греч. βουλή «решение, воля, совет»); восходит к праиндоевр. wekw- «говорить»


смысл этого предложения - человеку нужен ОДИН полезный совет но люди дают ему НЕСКОЛЬКО бесполезных. почему не принимает перевод '' I need a useful advice but people give me only useless '' что с ним не так?


a useful advice

В английском языке слово "advice" является неисчислимым (как вода или воздух), поэтому не может иметь неопределённого артикля.

Кроме того, "people give me only useless ..." - бесполезное что?


ок, I need one useful advice but people give me only useless advice - тоже не принимает


One - это то же самое, что "а". :) Советов не может быть один или несколько. I need a piece of advise. Сравните со словом "помощь" в русском языке. Вы же не скажете "Мне нужна одна помощь".


спасибо, теперь стало понятнее


"I need useful advice and people give only useless"


I got this question as a type-what-you hear, but the male voice sounded as though it were saying бесполезный both times. This was true for all versions: fast and slow on the question page, and the version on this page. On Forvo I can clearly hear the difference between бесполезный and бесполезные.


Why is "I need good advice, but people are giving only uselss advice" not accepted?


This is one of the questions where there are numerous correct answers and some of them simply won't be accepted. Just learn the suggested answer.


Like what does "Look on the bright side" mean? What bright side this isn't Star Wars with a bloody Dark Side


Why is the translation I need SOME good advice. It seems to me, it says " I need good advice.," I translated it as " I need good advice, but people are only giving me unhelpful advice." It wasn't accepted. What is wrong with my translation?


По моему, this is the most useless and frustrating exercise I have confronted in the Duolingo Russian course. There are words require.d in the translation (some, me) yet others (useless) must be letter-perfect and synonyms (worthless) are not accepted. Очень плохо, Duo.


Why is the second advice singular though the Russian is plural?


Because Englishmen have much advice, but Russians have many.

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