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Looking for Turkish audio files

Hi guys. As I know one of the best ways of learning a language is "Immersion". In order to do that I prefer finding Turkish audio files and listen them on-the-go while I'm out. Do you have any suggestion as Turkish audio files? if yes, please provide the links here.

February 13, 2016



Have you tried Assimil Turkish? I've got the audio files and they seem to be okay.


No, I haven't. what are they, Ektoraskan? would you mind explain them. if you think they'll be helpful for me, please provide the download links.


Well it's a course book with audio. I happen to have the audio files stored in my harddisk. Here's an example lesson: http://vocaroo.com/i/s04C1eKD3703


Can I use the audio files without using the book? I already have some Turkish course books. I just want some audio files to listen when I'm out. I just want to make my ears accustomed to Turkish. what audio files, do you think, are useful for this purpose?


Well, they're fully in Turkish. Just dialogues. No explanations in them. The explanations are in the book, I think. Are you looking for Turkish stuff with English explanations in them?


No. I just need Turkish stuff that don't essentially need book to be understandable. You know most of the audio files associated with a course book are exercises or listening tasks that you have to have the book to get the points. but if, as you said, these are dialogues, they won't need the book essentially, am I right? If you think they'll be useful for me, please provide the download links for me.


I heard your sample lesson, I find it usefule because it has both male and female voices. I think it is very interesting, would you provide links for downloading the whole book and audio?


You should be able to find something here:



That's great. Thanks Maria. There are so many learning tools there.


I'm looking for Turkish podcasts. Please provide me with the download links of the podcasts which are very effective in learning and improving Turkish.


Also, there is a great website for learning Turkish. You can learn turkish from native turkish teachers. I recommend it. https://turacoon.com

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