"My child hates to draw."

Translation:Moje dziecko nienawidzi rysować.

February 13, 2016

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You should translate it rather as Moje dziecko nie znosi rysować. In Polish language people do not overuse the word to hate


I'm sorry, but it's not relevant. The purpose of this app is to learn different words, even words like 'to hate'. And literal translation of 'to hate' is 'nienawidzić', but 'nie znosić' means 'cannot stand'. I believe everyone knows the difference between those words


Well... we do accept "nie znosi" and "nie cierpi", but the direct equivalents are indeed "to hate" and "nienawidzić".


I think Rybalt has an excellent and valid point though. You shouldn't teach us the Polish words in contexts where only English-speakers would use them. That way we're not learning Polish, but badly translated English. (Sorry to be harsh on this point, I really appreciate the course.)


I would definitely agree with that point ("You shouldn't teach us the Polish words in contexts where only English-speakers would use them"), but I don't agree with Rybalt's claim that there's something wrong with the Polish sentence. Maybe it is quite strong (more like 'absolutely hates'), but I don't find it wrong, nor even odd, really.

And about that particular verb, there are other contexts when English would use "to hate" and Polish couldn't. For example "I just finished watching that movie and I hated it!" couldn't really use "nienawidzić". That would be something like "i bardzo mi się nie podobał" (and I strongly disliked it) or "i uważam, że był fatalny" (and I think that it was awful), or similar. That's because in Polish "nienawidzić" is something more general, you would need some more time to start "nienawidzić" a movie (as in "They made me watch that movie five times at school, in different grades! I hate that movie!").


something wrong with that child.


In polish we would use I don't like, I dislike to draw


Dlaczego? Dlaczego dziecko ma tylko "nie lubić" rysować, dlaczego nie może tego absolutnie nienawidzić?


Moje dziecko nienawidzi rysowania.


It's accepted.

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