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"Dydd Calan yw'r cyntaf o Ionawr."

Translation:New Year's day is the first of January.

February 13, 2016



Calan (roughly "the first day") is a great word:

dydd Calan ("the first day") = New Year's Day

nos Galan ("the first night") = New Year's Eve

Calan Mai (the first day of May) = May Day

Calangaeaf (the first day of winter) = Hallowe'en

yr hen Galan (the old first day) = the old New Year's Day according to the Julian calendar, still celebrated in some parts of Wales like Cwm Gwaun

In Wales there used to be the tradition of calennig, a bit like trick or treating at new year.

Also of course is the related word calendr (calendar).


calan = calends < calendae (Lladin/Latin)

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