I just started learning esperanto yesterday and I am amazed at what an amazing language it is. With a strong foundation in latin, a familiarity with spanish and touch of german you can tell it's a culmination of the romance and germanic languages. It's so intuitive and simple but doesn't lose any substance. You can tell someone decided, let's make a language that is consistent, purpose driven and logical. They got rid of all the evolutionary vestiges that usually obfuscate the language and took the commonalities of the largest set of related languages and made consistent rules. Just the fact that you can form any part of speech with any word using that same endings is awesome! I look forward to mastering this language. I could see this being used heavily in this community as a common language.

February 13, 2016


That was my reaction when I did the first lesson of a 10-lessons course of Esperanto. :)

Same here! :)

that's basically how i felt since starting to learn it. its so simple yet it nothing about the language feels out of place :) i had tried learning german, latin and even some japanese but i feel like this is the first language that i truly want to become fluent in.

Keep on keeping on! I'm glad to hear it!

yes Esperanto is a great language. I don't understand all the criticism it gets. (although I think most people who criticize it don't really know much about it).

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