"Ga i dalu, os gwelwch chi'n dda?"

Translation:May I pay, please?

February 13, 2016

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An odd sentence isn't it?


Well, no one wants to pay but some people don't want to feel guilty about not paying. In my last job, we were told to say, 'How would you like to pay?'. I quickly got bored of the resulting sarcasm from every other customer.


i think it's just a more direct way of saying "may I have the bill please..."


Is "Ga i" both "Can I" and "May I"? There's quite a difference in English between the two.


i've noticed there is a variation on 'please' other than the obvious 'plîs'. 'Os gweli chi'n dda' is the other right. why is the difference important?


Don't take my word for it but i imagine it's formal and colloquial. Although it could be a North/ South thing, im from the south and only tend to hear os gwelwch chi'n dda.


Nothing to do with dialects. Plîs is a casual usage. The forms with ...di/chi are used in the same way as with ti and chi generally.

ti is only used with an individual with whom you are on familar terms. chi is used for the plural and for other individuals.


Glad this is not Plîs as it's informal. My experience is not that likely to use Plîs to ask the assistant for the bill (unless it's your mam's place :) )

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