"I eat vegetables so I am strong."

Translation:Jem warzywa, więc jestem silna.

February 13, 2016



Why are both silna and silny acceptable?

February 13, 2016


because silny is adjective for masculine nouns and silna for feminine nouns. In this sentence, the "noun" described is "I". and the person speaking may identify with masculine or feminine gender. You use the form you use for yourself.

The same thing is with singular you sentences and to a lesser degree plural we and you. You need to know gender of the person you are talking to.

February 13, 2016


"silna" for women, "silny" for men

February 13, 2016


Dlaczego nie "jadam"?

March 21, 2019


Może być i "jadam", dodałem. Chociaż akurat tutaj brzmi to dla mnie jak "jadam od czasu do czasu", jakby nie było to zbyt częste... ale to subiektywne odczucie.

March 21, 2019
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