"You are similar to your dad."

Translation:Jesteś podobny do swojego taty.

February 13, 2016

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Pronoun "twego" isn't correct?

  1. Yeah, I guess just "do ojca" is okay enough to be accepted, although in this sentence I'd use "swojego".

  2. "swojego" is a lot better than "twojego" whenever it's used.

  3. Well, I could add "twego", but I think I could count reports of such pronouns on one hand's fingers. "twego" is kind of a poetic version, not used that much normally unless you like playing with language.

Added here, because why not, but I'd discourage you from trying to use it in your answers because for 99% it won't be accepted. But it's good that you know of its existence.


"jesteś podobny" is also good anwser :\


You can report it.


and that one? jesteś podobne


You mixed singular "jesteś" with not masculine-personal plural "podobne".

"podobne" is also neuter singular, true, but I don't think anyone would say that, even to a child ("dziecko" is neuter), gender would really rather be specified here.


How many "fathers" one could have? Therefore aswer "Jesteś podobny do ojca" should be correct?


I know it's an old comment, but:

  1. omitting the possessive pronoun is fine and accepted
  2. I removed "ojca" because that's a way more formal word than "dad", we accept it for "father" (but it also seems more formal than "father").


Bug: no audio for podobni here (Duolingo app, Android)


Should be fixed soon (the expected form will be "podobny" and it has audio).


Should be also correct: "Jesteś podobny twojemu/swojemu tatowi" In this case we would have Celownik?


You'd be understood, but at least in standard Polish, we don't use Dative (celownik) for this construction.

Also, the Dative form of "tata" is "tacie: "twojemu/swojemu tacie".

"tatowi" is pretty nonstandard. It can be considered he Dative form of "tato". I think that the word "tato" as the basic (Nominative) form is regional, but some people do use it like that. But even then, it seems that Dative "tacie" is way more common than "tatowi".

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