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What's up with subtitles for Turkish series?

I'm probably not the only one here who finds it difficult to find a single series to which complete subtitles are available.

For any given Turkish series there are maybe episode 1 and 6 with english subtitles on youtube, and if you look around you might find episodes 10 and 53 on a dedicated subtitle website and the first ten minutes of episode 29 in some abandoned forum thread.

Obviously I'd rather stick to one series at a time, but apparently that's just not possible.

February 13, 2016



You can find the entire series of Ezel subtitled in English on YouTube, except for one episode near the end of the series, but you'll probably be able to understand Turkish well enough to understand what is going on by that point. I recommend watching the series, it's a really great show, and will definitely help improve your vocabulary and accent in Turkish.


I know right, it is so hard to find them with English subtitles. Pretty much only Balkan and Middle Eastern countries broadcast the whole series with subtitles, so unless you know one of those languages and watch them on their website as they play them, you can never watch them.

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