"Giovedì conosciamo le donne."

Translation:Thursday we meet the women.

January 16, 2013

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"we meet with the women on thursday" was not accepted, but it sounds fine


A native Italian speaker should correct me if I'm wrong, but I think "conoscere" means "to meet" only in the sense of "to get acquainted with". "To meet" in the sense of "to meet with" or "to have a meeting with" would be "incontrarsi".

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      I believe Italian sentences usually have end-focus. This means that, if possible, important or new information occurs at the end of a sentence. In English, it's the same. The emphasis should remain on "women".


      conosciamo may mean to know as well as to meet


      i put in know and it was marked wrong


      Conosciamo usually translates as we know. I don't understand why Duolinguo is marking this as wrong, it seems very odd to me. Particularly as conoscere is primarily translated as to know and incontrare as to meet..... .maybe they know something we don't hi hi hi ^_^

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