"Ви бігали марафон?"

Translation:Did you run a marathon?

February 14, 2016

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"Have you run a [the] marathon," should absolutely be accepted, because Ukrainian verbs don't have a present perfect tense. The context could apply to this usage.

Also, there is no context that specifies whether to use a definite article " 'the' marathon" or indefinite article " 'a' marathon," so either choice should be accepted.


I absolutely agree except for "past perfect." ;) Those forms are accepted now.


Cool, thanks! I like contributing!

"you have run," is present perfect.

"you had run," is past perfect.


There is still one option that has not been included: "you ran a marathon" In your correct answers the past is established by using a past tense indicator rather than the past tense verb. When I used the past tense verb (as indicated in your hints) my answer was marked incorrect,. This indicates that there is an inconsistency between your dictionary and your answer key.


What would be the meaning difference between a perfective and imperfective verb in this sentence? With perfective the answer is "yes" only if you finished it?


Ви бігали, imperfective, asks if you've run a marathon (ever or in general). Ви пробігали марафон? This is perfective and asks if you've run the particular marathon in question.

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