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  5. "Ми прочитали ці журнали."

"Ми прочитали ці журнали."

Translation:We have read these magazines.

February 14, 2016



"We read these magazines" can also indicate completion (since "read" is the conjugation for both present and past tense) and should be accepted. The auxiliary verb "to have" is not necessary to indicate completion in English.


"this magazines" is wrong. "Magazines" is plural, so it must be "these magazines"


Yup, typo. Fixed, thanks!


How would be newspapers?


Unnecessary confusion in presentation of aspect by choosing "read" as the example - in English this form can be present, past, or past participle.


Wouldn't it be present, read, present perfect, have read, and past perfect, had read?


The following is by an app. I came here wondering why прочитати, thinking it should be future tense. But all the comments point to past tense. So I think the app is mistaking have to with past tense, I don’t know how reliable it is. Мені доведеться прочитати багато текстів про історію. Original. I will have to read a lot of texts about history. From the Duo English French course. Also I don’t think I have encountered доведеться here. I searched the Duo dictionary and it wasn’t listed.

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