"I've gone to work early."

Translation:Dw i wedi mynd i'r gwaith yn gynnar.

February 14, 2016

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What is the difference between yn gynnar and just gynnar on it's own? When I hover over 'early' it gives both options, but this answer only accepts yn gynnar


In this sentence yn gynnar is required because it is describing when you are going to work. Pryd wyt ti'n mynd? Dw i'n mynd yn gynnar.

A better comparison would be about shift work, perhaps. 'I am going on shift early today' (Dw i'n mynd ar sifft yn gynnar heddiw) as opposed to 'I am working an early shift today' (Dw i'n gweithio sifft gynnar heddiw)

sifft gynnar - an early shift (and sifft/shifft is a feminine noun in Welsh, hence gynnar and not cynnar

mynd yn gynnar - going early

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