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"Eu gostaria de saber o número de espectadores."

Translation:I would like to know the number of spectators.

February 14, 2016



Normally when you use "gosta" + verb, the verb is infinitve and you don't put the "de" between the two either, right? Why is it not like that here, why not "Eu gostaria saber"?


That's odd; did Duolingo teach you that? Normally "gostar" does need "de" with a verb in the infinitive: http://www.aulete.com.br/gostar

Not all verbs work like "gostar" though: "precisar" needs "de" with nouns, but not with verbs (at least in Brazilian Portuguese).


Yeah, I've only really used duolingo to learn portuguese, so chances are I've learnt that here. Anyways, obrigado. :)


The correct meaning for "spectators" is "expectadores" and not "espectadores". Duolingo is wrong about this word

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