"Today I am eating in a different way."

Translation:Dziś jem inaczej.

February 14, 2016

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Is this a phrase you would hear as a polish native sometimes? As I personally have never said "I am eating differently today" even in english, and I'm wondering if it's a common phrase in Poland? Many thanks^^


Not really, just like in English. I suppose it's here just for the word practice


It's somewhat amusing how the English version of this sentence consists of almost thrice as many words as the Polish version. Even if 'differently' was used instead, it would still be almost twice as many words as the Polish version.


Polish is a tough language, but it can be surprisingly elegant.


"I eat differently today"


That also works.


For those who think it's a strange sentence: Well, one day I was eating with wooden sticks, and sometimes using a left hand being a right-handed person.


I wrote: 'Ja jem inaczej dzis' because I know that the meaning doesn't change in this case. And duolingo thinks it is not correct translation. Who is right?


It is a grammatically correct sentence, but very rarely used. This sentence feels like from a song which had to fit the rhyme and rythm.


What does it mean? That you are using your hands instead of cutlery?


That sounds like a probable interpretation to me.


I tried "Dziś inaczej jem" because I thought it was unnatural to end with an adverb. I was wrong, is this an exception?


Putting a word at the end creates emphasis on this word, and we believe it's relatively rare for the adverb to really sincerely be considered the main focus of the sentence, the word that should be emphasized. But this sentence... it really seems like it is the most important word. "Dziś inaczej jem" is more like "The thing that I'm doing differently today is eating".


Would it be an option to use instrumental here? Dziś jem innaczym sposobem.


Inaczej is an adverb, so it doesn't inflect for case. You must use an adjective here (inny).

Such an instrumental construction does make sense logically and it works in other Slavic languages, such as Russian (иным способом / inym sposobom), however, in Polish you must use the preposition w + accusative case.

So, a correct alternative would be:

Dziś jem w inny sposób.


alright, sure - that´s gotta be inny. So w goes along with accusative in this case - I´d have rather assumed locative... Thanks Alik!


Dzisiaj jem innym sposobem - why not?


What do you have in mind? Are you using a spoon instead of a fork or a foot instead of a hand? The original sentence seems to suggest maybe a change in diet or something, it's really hard to say. But "innym sposobem" suggests things I asked at the beginning, so it changes the meaning of the sentence considerably.

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