"A Welsh red shirt"

Translation:Crys coch Cymru

February 14, 2016

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Why isn't this "Crys coch Cymreig"? As I understand it, Cymreig is the adjective meaning "pertaining to Wales", as in "Mae e'n falch o'i gysylltiadau Cymreig", He is proud of his Welsh connections. "Cymru" is a noun, so the given phrase would translate as "a red Wales shirt" which would be normal usage in English.


Probably it is referring to a Wales sports team shirt or similar - Mae Biggar yn gwisgo crys Cymru eto = 'Biggar is wearing the Wales shirt again' (while representing Wales in the match against Scotland) as opposed to = 'Biggar is wearing a Welsh shirt again' (as made in Aberaeron by his auntie Gwladys).

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