"I want to go to the office on Wednesday."

Translation:Dw i eisiau mynd i'r swyddfa dydd Mercher.

February 14, 2016

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What's "i'r" short for?

P.S. What does "i" mean? I thought it meant "I", but now I doubt it... It seems to have different meanings when combined with different words.


Here, i is a preposition 'to' - mynd i'r swyddfa = going to the office. It is also a preposition (= to, for, in order to, ...) in patterns such as rhaid i chi fynd (= a need for you to go), dyn ni'n mynd i siopa (= we are going shopping), dyma arian i ti (= here is some money for you).

With first person singular verbs, for example, it means 'I' - gwisga i grys (= I will wear a shirt), roeddwn i'n dlawd (= I was/I used to be poor), bues i yno (= I was there).


Diolch!!! Thank you very much!!!


ibischris told you what it means - the answer to "what's it short for?" is that i'r is short for i yr, i.e. preposition i + definite article yr.

(Though note that the article is y before nouns starting with a consonant -- but i'r is used before any noun, whether starting with a consonant or a vowel -- as regularly happens when the article is tacked onto a previous word that ends with a vowel and takes on the form 'r.)


Ahh, yes, that's it! "'r" is used after any vowel. I just learned the skill "the". It's all very clear now. Thank you very much!

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