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  5. "Kawa to nie śniadanie."

"Kawa to nie śniadanie."

Translation:Coffee is not breakfast.

February 14, 2016



Don't you tell me how to live my life


I see the world in new eyes. Everything has changed. I can't see my mother, father, brother, or sister the same ever again. I am questioning my existence. Why do we live thinking this? My whole life is a lie. I can't believe it. It is so... so different to know this. I don't even understand why I believed the lie about coffee. I'll never see breakfast the same way ever again. Ever since I learned that coffee is not breakfast, it touched my heart. I'll never see things the same ever again.


it's true, you need cigarets to make it a breafast


Tak, ona jest! Kawa jest moim życiem!


Really hard to hear


Can someone explain when you should use "jest" instead of "to" and vice-versa as they are both "is" and im confused


Imagine this sentence as "X is Y". If both X and Y are noun phrases, these constructions are interchangeable. 'to' is a bit more like 'equals' and 'jest' is a bit more descriptive/defining, but generally they both usually work.

More information - a lot more - is here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167


Kinda makes you wonder if Duo's mom was addicted to caffeine or something.


Kawa to śniadanie. Kropka!


In Brazil our word for breakfast is café-da-manhã, literally morning coffee. Therefore coffee IS breakfast. We gotta teach a little things to our polish brothers, don't we?


Not in my world...it's more like my morning blood...

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