"I am sightseeing in the old town."

Translation:Zwiedzam stare miasto.

February 14, 2016

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Could you also say "zwiedzam w starym mieście"?


No, I do not think so. Maybe in some specific situation, but it would change the meaning. but you can say zwiedzam muzeum w starym mieście- i am visiting/sightseeing a museum in the old town. We are sightseeing / zwiedzamy something (accusative).


So instead of saying "I am sightseeing in the Old Town." , is ;Zwiedzam stare miasto.' like saying "I am seeing (the) Old Town."? Is this the literal meaning in the way the Polish is used?


Yes, it's a problematic verb to translate into English, but in Polish you sightsee a place, not 'in a place'.


Thanks for the clarification ! Makes it easier to remember.


Would 'explore' fit?


We decided to accept it. Added now.


there is something i can never recall.... when do we put stary or stare and when is it miasto and miasta ... shame on me


"miasto" is a neuter noun, so it takes the neuter adjective "stare".


I am just a learner - a native speaker should check this. miasto is the singular nominative and accusative form. miasta is the singular genitive form. miasta is also the nominative and accusative plural form. Combined with the adj, 'stare' it would be: To stare miasto (this is the old city sing. nominative) Widzę stare miasto (I see the old city sing. accusative) Nie widzę starego miasta (I do not see the old city sing. genitive) To stare miasta (These are the old cities pl. nom) widzę stare miasta (I see old cities- pl. accusative,) nie widzę starych miast (I do not see the old cities - pl. genitive 'miast')


Native check: you get an A+, everything's correct ;)

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