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Learning Welsh

any pointers on learning welsh??

February 14, 2016



Have you learned or studied any other languages before? If so, how did that go?

My general advice on any language, especially if you are new to language learning is to go slowly, review a lot and let the program do what it's meant to do by practicing at least a bit every day to keep it in your head. If you slowly do new lessons while keeping the old ones golden, you will slowly but surely get there :)

Also, if there is any Welsh music, tv, etc that you like, listen to and watch it as much as you can. More exposure is always better, even if it's on a very low subconscious level like music or with subtitles for tv in a language you don't know well yet.

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further to what iwc2ufan said, if you are on the web version, you should be able to see many posts relating to learning Welsh, mainly under the "popular posts" heading. As a start, maybe use some of the Youtube videos covering the alphabet in Welsh. Spelling and pronunciation is very regular, and it is all much easier once you know it. Good luck, hwyl

  • Verb first in a sentence

  • Some words initiate mutations

That the only two things I can think of atm. The language seems very digestible.


thanks for the pointers


yes YouTube search "Learn Welsh Podcast" it helps a lot more then duolingo for remembering not only that he covers mutations and the 2 dialects of north and south unlike duolingo who think there is only 1 dialect.


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