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  5. "Tu bebes leite?"

"Tu bebes leite?"

Translation:Do you drink milk?

December 24, 2013



Que paia no Brasil ninguém fala assim cara. In Brazil nobody talks like that guy.


Como assim tu não falas deste modo? Capaz!

(Em muitas regiões do Brasil se fala assim)


Capaz! Kkkk Amo esse sotaque gaúcho


Bah! É um sotaque bom, tchê!


I wrote 'You drink milk?' and was failed, although this formation worked for all the previous questions, so it's inconsistent. And I forgot to report it so I thought I'd pester you here instead.


It worked??

It should not have worked =/

Although this is possible in English, we decided to keep only the "standard" word order following this reasoning:

1 - Brazilians learning English aim mainly for improving their skills in order to find better jobs. For that they need good English, and we should enforce that they know the correct word order for questions. If we accept univerted questions, students will not learn the importance of that.

2 - "But even if I'm doing the Portuguese course?" Yes, both the Portuguese and the English course share the same sentences, and every change in translations reflect in both courses. So, because of the English course, we must do this also in the Portuguese course.

For the Portuguese course, we add report messages such as "Please use the standard word order for questions" when the other word order is suggested by users.


Yes, as far as I remember as long as you put a question mark on the end eg 'you eat meat?' it's given as correct, but 'you eat meat' is a fail. I discovered this mainly because I was too lazy to type do. So you'll have to alter the acceptable answers in this section.


They do in certain regions.


Cara, não fala assim. Não é só por que TU não falas assim, que ninguém mais falará. Sou do sul do país, mas vale lembrar que muitos estados no norte e centro, também falam assim.


Sou falante nativo de português e dessa forma como o Duo tá falando parece: tu bebês leite, estranho gente, reportem esse áudio.


Verdade, tá bem estranho, também acho errado usar tanto tu, já que a maioria do Brasil fala você ao invés de tu. :(

[deactivated user]

    Portuguese is not only spoken in Brazil ;)


    Acabo de reportá-lo. Há muitas falas neste curso de português em que a pronúncia está errada, com sons de "o" ou "e" abertos pronunciados fechados e vice-versa.


    Since você and tu means you, what is the differents in usage


    Tu is used just in few regions in Brazil. Você is much more common.


    The meaning is the same, so you can use which you rather (In Brazil it's better to use "Você"). The verb conjugation is slightly different between "Tu" and "Você", so be careful.


    Misleading pronunciation. Something went wrong with the verb "beber - to drink". Check it on google translator,It has a better accent.


    How do i know if its a questions? I cant hear the differs.


    The diference is in intonation. Because for write a statement or a questions is the same way, what changes is the intonation.


    How do you know if its a question


    Only by the intonation.


    On this case it's /'bεbes/ not /'bebes/.

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