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"I was showing you my bathroom."

Translation:Pokazywałam wam moją łazienkę.

February 14, 2016



"Pokazywałem ci moja łazienkę" should be accepted as well I believe! reported...


Why can't I use "swoją" instead of "moją'?


Seems that it's missing from several sentences... added here.


Hi, Jellei, here it is a female first person sing past tense form, The image is the white blond boy with the headband. I took a screen shot, not sure how to send it to you. - Also the voice for the individual words was male,


Okay, now I'm confused. The sentence in the database uses "pokazywałem", the male form. Sure, "pokazywałam" is correct when you translate back from English, but the basic sentence is said by a man.

Are you sure that it wasn't just a misheard? I know you're an advanced learner, but the endings get tricky sometimes.

As for the individual words (the tiles), the voices are random, I guess as long as this is not a whole sentence, that shouldn't hurt.

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