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"Chwe gwlad"

Translation:Six nations

February 14, 2016



Chwe gwlad is not translated as "six country"


The course authors were perhaps thinking of "'the Six Nations" rugby championship, where Six Nations is Chwe Gwlad. Otherwise, chwe gwlad = six countries/nations. In English, 'six country' would definitely be wrong.

Remember that where in English we would use the plural noun after numbers, in Welsh we use the singular, at least with smaller numbers: tair merch (three girls), but probably ugain o ferched (twenty girls) although ugain merch (or dau ddeg merch) is pretty common in informal use..


The default translation is "six nations", plural.

If you got "six country" as an alternative, then report it, please.

(Or perhaps they fixed the sentence between the time you posted that and the time I saw it.)


I'm assuming this is in reference to the rugby tournament which means it surely should be "y chwe gwlad" as it's never referred to as just "six nations" in english?


Just 'six nations/countries', not 'The Six Nations (Championship)'.


You often see or hear "This year's Six Nations tournament", or "Six Nations champions, Wales / England / Ireland".

Never "Six Nations champions, Scotland", of course ;)

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