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Improve the forum's search functionality

When I use the search box, I get results from all forums (Duolingo, Spanish, French...). That's seldom what I want. That makes it extremely diffiuclt to find what I'm looking for.

The search should be section-specific. That would help reduce redundancy and the number of posts, and help me direct users to answer's already answered.

January 16, 2013


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Thanks for this suggestion. We'll work on restricting the search in this manner.


You're welcome. Great, thank you!


2019-08-09 This was my complaint, so I searched for this discussion to avoid starting a new thread unnecessarily. I see that there has been no improvement in 6 years.

Actually, I think there was for a while, but now it's back to this behavior. I subscribe to the forum for each of the languages I'm studying. It used to be that I could click on that forum, go to the Sentences section, and then search, and it would find the sentence exercises in that language first. Now, I get the same results doing that as I do under "All Topics". Please, please fix this, Duo.

One final thing: if a sentence's discussion has been downvoted, it is not included in the search results. If it can't be found in search results, it shouldn't be given as an exercise. Really it's the converse: if it's given as an exercise, it should appear in search results, regardless of its popularity.

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