"My mother brings us a cup of tea."

Translation:Moja mama przynosi nam kubek herbaty.

February 15, 2016

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Why is this incorrect? : "Moja matka przynosi nam kubek herbaty." Mum is mama, and mother is matka right?


Yes. I do not know your translation, but "Moja matka przynosi nam kubek herbaty" is correct. And even more correct than translation above. You should report it.


That is exactly what I wrote and reported...


Is the following order correct?: "Moja mama nam przynosi kubek herbaty". If not. Why not? Thanks.


It's not wrong per se maybe, but sounds rather strange. I see no reason to put "nam" before the verb, that's not natural.


Good! Thanks, Jellei!


"Moja matka przynosi nam kubek herbaty." Still marked wrong. I don't get it!!!


I don't get something either, because the only sentence that I could find was "My mother brings us a mug of tea." and this discussion is under "a cup of tea" (much more idiomatic, but not exactly the direct translation).

I will change "My mother" to "My mom", which is a better rendering of "Moja mama". But I don't know if this isn't some kind of a ghost sentence... I though that so-called ghost sentences were a result of our lack of knowledge about Incubator, but "My mother brings us a cup of tea." really doesn't seem to exist anywhere anymore.

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